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About Us


Mani-Scan is growing Ground Penetrating Radar company from Winnipeg Mb. We offer services for construction companies to detect rebar locates as well as utility locates. We also offer services for residential concerns such as inground heating in garages/basements, pile locations and conduit/plumbing.


Contractor Notes

⦁    Please remove track, drywall, studs, debris, protrusions etc. from scanning area. Provide a flat contact between the GPR machine and concrete surface. GPR is only capable of collecting data 4” from any wall or vertical obstruction.
⦁    Examine ceilings for obstructions or obstacles before scanning technician arrives.
⦁    PVC conduit is difficult and in most cases impossible to view using GPR technology. Pan decks are very difficult to scan, and in most cases impossible to trace metal below the top layer of pan.
⦁    Area must be dry to scan and mark concrete. Moisture affects the radar’s ability to penetrate concrete. Concrete younger than 6 months may not allow a radar signal to penetrate the entire slab thickness.
⦁    Have all scan areas laid out prior to tech’s arrival.
⦁    Ceiling scans or any scans at elevation will need client supplied access (AWP, Scaffold, Ladder), and require twice as much time as floor scans.
⦁    GPR scanning can penetrate 24” anything deeper will require x ray scanning, or scanning on both sides.
⦁    Understand the limitations of this technology, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call.
⦁    A representative of the client must be present to confirm once scanning is complete.
⦁    Do not drill 1 "of any identification marks Center Line.
⦁    Please Provide all information as to why you need scanning performed, ie. (Coring, Anchor Embeddment, structural integrity)
⦁    If anchor layout drawing is availible please provide.


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